Productions Boquer

Would you like your employees/staff/managers to perform better with enhanced communications abilities that include; speaking and writing clearly, succinctly and on brand message?  Would you like to develop and enrich your personal communications skills to go further in your career?  Would you like to enhance your professional image or brand?  Then you need the training and practice so you can “Perform. Perfect. Progress ”

Eramelinda Boquer is a broadcast professional who uses her extensive experience and skill sets, gleaned in a myriad of venues, (Including; TV, film, radio, advertising, cartoons, gaming and commercials) to help you find, refine and define your “voice” and brand. She provides one-on-one training to help you prepare for that big charity event, product launch or board of directors speech. She also tailor-makes corporate workshops to help your employees/staff/managers represent your company in an elevated manner that sets them above the rest to further your reach.  If your goal is to present yourself, your company or organization at your/it’s very best,  in every situation, at all times -  then let Eramelinda help you to “Perform and Perfect” on every level.

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